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JP-H04462-A: Electrophotographic image forming device patent, JP-H044664-A: Signal generator patent, JP-H0447567-A: Sound reproducing device patent, JP-H0447980-A: Ribbon sensor of dot printer patent, JP-H0448075-A: Solid material and surface treatment therefor patent, JP-H0449250-A: Method for reactive extraction patent, JP-H044983-A: Welding gun with transformer patent, JP-H04500072-A: patent, JP-H04500210-A: patent, JP-H04500486-A: patent, JP-H04500532-A: patent, JP-H04501422-A: patent, JP-H04501567-A: patent, JP-H04501621-A: patent, JP-H04502730-A: patent, JP-H04502791-A: patent, JP-H04503138-A: patent, JP-H04505162-A: patent, JP-H04506916-A: patent, JP-H04506997-A: patent, JP-H04507480-A: patent, JP-H0451509-A: Electrolyte for driving electrolytic capacitor patent, JP-H0451820-A: Apparatus for guiding winnowing wind in thresher patent, JP-H0452191-A: Optical record medium patent, JP-H0452205-A: Method for desulfurizing molten iron in casting floor in blast furnace patent, JP-H045258-A: Stabilization of alkylene glycol monosorbate patent, JP-H0453291-A: Multilayer interconnection board patent, JP-H0453351-A: Picture processing unit patent, JP-H0454667-A: Table calculating device patent, JP-H0454696-A: Commodity storage device for automatic vending machine patent, JP-H0454850-A: Induction motor patent, JP-H0455088-A: Production of granular substance packed pipe patent, JP-H0455424-A: Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor sealing patent, JP-H0456407-A: Quantizer patent, JP-H0457438-A: Highway monitor device patent, JP-H0457951-A: Biodegradable nonwoven fabric patent, JP-H0458270-A: Sealing member for image forming device patent, JP-H0458720-A: High-speed circuit breaker for system separation patent, JP-H0459732-A: Anti-cancer drug patent, JP-H0459836-A: Laminated polyester film patent, JP-H0459869-A: Thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-H045997-A: Iron patent, JP-H046007-A: Driving control method for packaging machine patent, JP-H046086-A: Liquid feeding device for larry tank patent, JP-H0460918-A: Perpendicular magnetic recording medium patent, JP-H0460979-A: Tape cassette patent, JP-H0461455-A: Telephone communication system patent, JP-H0463098-A: Microphone provided with key control patent, JP-H0463189-A: Water mixture separator patent, JP-H0464015-A: Presuming method patent, JP-H0464264-A: Semiconductor radiation detector patent, JP-H0464559-A: Automatic small winder patent, JP-H0465065-A: Fuel cell power generator patent, JP-H046554-A: Developing device patent, JP-H0466235-A: Manufacture of helical coil and device therefor patent, JP-H0467603-A: Manufacture of neodymium-iron-boron system plastic magnet patent, JP-H0467647-A: Detecting mechanism for arrangement of semiconductor wafer in wafer cassette patent, JP-H0467648-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0467775-A: Switching power unit patent, JP-H0469046-A: Eddy current type reduction gear patent, JP-H0469282-A: Phase changeable type optical recording medium patent, JP-H0470464-A: Wall-mounted storage patent, JP-H0470758-A: Electrostatic information recording method patent, JP-H0470960-A: Document preparing device patent, JP-H047156-A: Manufacture of ink jet head patent, JP-H0472016-A: Production of fe-co foil having high saturation magnetic flux density patent, JP-H0472646-A: Package for semiconductor device patent, JP-H0472658-A: Lead frame patent, JP-H0475187-A: In-list character recognizing device patent, JP-H0475588-A: Production of sorbic acid patent, JP-H0475760-A: Manufacture of locker arm patent, JP-H0476358-A: Device in refrigerating cycle patent, JP-H0476703-A: Apparatus control device provided with microprocessor patent, JP-H0476896-A: Sense up circuit patent, JP-H0477206-A: Manufacture of ceramic laminate patent, JP-H0478714-A: Air conditioner for vehicle patent, JP-H0480731-A: Stroboscopic device patent, JP-H0480772-A: Image forming device using photosensitive body patent, JP-H0481054-A: Data transmission system patent, JP-H0481237-A: Method and device for expanding part of tube for heat exchanger patent, JP-H0481481-A: Production of tacky tape patent, JP-H0484899-A: Determination of nucleic acid patent, JP-H0486072-A: Video signal processing circuit patent, JP-H0486687-A: Wet type image forming device patent, JP-H0486873-A: Method and device for development wherein carrier tailing is prevented patent, JP-H0487037-A: Electrode substrate, recording medium and production thereof, recording device, reproducing device, recording and reproducing device, recording method and recording and reproducing method using such recording medium patent, JP-H0487658-A: Wax applicator patent, JP-H0488039-A: Polyolefin composition patent, JP-H0488460-A: Information processor patent, JP-H0489190-A: Method for joining insulated electric wire and terminal patent, JP-H0489345-A: Hydraulic material patent, JP-H0489691-A: Differential amplifier type current sense amplifier circuit patent, JP-H0489925-A: Depositing construction method for underground structure patent, JP-H0490182-A: Introduction reproducing mechanism for reproducing device patent, JP-H0490914-A: Vehicle deck height adjusting device patent, JP-H0491138-A: Production of keratin film patent, JP-H0491670-A: Supersonic motor patent, JP-H0492021-A: Foundation structure of building and construction method thereof patent, JP-H0492402-A: Magnetic optical thin film patent, JP-H0492952-A: Parallel processing system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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